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How does your apartment work?

How can I enter the apartment?

You may enter your apartment by entering your Access code on the pin pad right beside the main door.

How do I turn on and off the Lights?

You may turn on the lights by tapping any Touch Panel.

How can I lock my door?

You may alarm your apartment by touching for 5 seconds the center of the Main Touch Panel right beside your apartment’s front door.

Please check out the FAQ section below:

How can I turn on/off the lights?

You may turn on the lights by tapping the middle of any Touch Panel. By tapping the Touch Panel, you can choose from different lighting moods like Maximum, Day or Relax. To turn off the lights, tap twice on the Touch Panel.

Where are the keys? How can I lock the door?

There are no keys, you can lock the apartment with the smart system. When exiting the apartment just hold your finger for 5 seconds on the main touchpad (this is the light switch next to the door). This way, your apartment will be alarmed and locked. Exiting the foyer just shoot the door behind you. (For that time when you are staying in the apartment to keep the door closed, use the manual locker on the door.)

Please note that the given codes are valid only during your stay between the dates and times of check-in and check-out.

How can I open/close the blinds?

You may close the blinds by touching the Bottom Left corner of the Touch Panel. It will go down totally, if you want to stop it then touch it again on the Bottom Left corner.
You may open the blinds by touch the Top Left corner of the Touch Panel. It will go up totally, if you want to stop it then touch it again on the Top Left corner.


How can I turn up/down the heating/cooling?

You can request your optimal temperature on the iPad mounted on the wall. In heating season, our system is not able to switch the program to cooling and in cooling season, our system can’t switch to heating. If there’s a big difference between the actual and the requested temperature you may have to wait a few hours until the system reaches the requested temperature.  Everyday, we have scheduled power outage between 8-10 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. It only affects the heating/cooling system. 

How can I turn on/off the ventilation?

You may turn on/off the ventilation on the Touch Panel by tapping the Top/Bottom Right corner or on the iPad mounted on the wall. The system measures the quality of the air in the apartment and automatically sets the optimal ventilation but you can manually override it and set it off or to low/medium/high. 



What is Sleep mode?

You may switch to Sleep mode by quickly tapping 3 times on the middle of the Touch Panel (except the one next to your apartment’s entrance). In this mode, the system switches off every lights but if you go somewhere (e.g. to the bathroom at night), it automatically switch on the dimmer lights to protect your eyes and the others who are sleeping.

Touch Panel not working!

Please go out to the main entrance and enter your PIN code, if it’s not working, report it to our staff.

Kitchen appliances not working!

Please alarm your apartment on the main Touch Panel next to your apartment’s entrance door by touching it for 5 seconds. After that please go out to the main entrance and enter your PIN code, if it’s not working, report it to our staff.

How to use the cooker hood?

In order to use the cooker hood pull it towards yourself. To increase the ventilation press the button on the front right of the device.

Click here to watch the video

How to use the hotplate?

In order to use the hot plate press the On/Off button on the left side and press ” + ” or ” — ” on the selected cooking plate to increase or decrease the tempeterature.

Is there Netflix?

Unfortunately, the TV is not supported by Netflix. However, you may connect your device by mirroring it to the TV or connecting it with an HDMI cable.

What is the Wi-Fi code?

You may find the Wi-Fi code in the email we sent to your mailbox before.

How to use the coffee machine?

We provide coffee capsules compatible with the coffee machine. If you would like to buy more, please buy ‘Nespresso compatible’ capsules. You can find them in every shop in Hungary. 

How to use the milk frother?

How to use the microwave?

How to use the dishwasher?


  1. You can find dishwasher pods in the kitchen drawer, next to the cutleries.
  2. Load the top and bottom racks of the dishwasher. Ensure that you get clean dishes every time by scraping any extra food off the plates before loading and evenly spacing dishes with the dirty side angled down toward the water jets.
  3. Load the dishwasher pod as you can see in the video.
  4. Switch on the machine with the on/off button.
  5. Select a wash cycle. We recommend using the default one.
  6. Close the dishwasher’s door, it will automatically start the program.

How to use the washing machine and the dryer?

We provide washing pods that you can find on the top shelf above the washing machine. The washing machine is at the bottom and the dryer is on top of it.

Washing machine: 

  1. Drop the pod into the washing machine’s drum, load it with your clothes
  2. Switch on the machine with the on/off button
  3. Select a washing program
  4. Start the washing with the start/pause button


  1. Load the drum with your wet clothes
  2. Switch on the machine with the on/off button
  3. Select a drying program. We recommend pressing the “Dryness Level” button until you see the sun icon on the display. 
  4. Start the drying with the start/pause button
  5. Please empty the lint filter after use. Here you can see how to do it. Thanks in advance!
  6. Please don’t leave your clothes in the drum after finishing the program because other guests and the staff also would like to use the machines.