How does your apartment work?

How can I enter the apartment?

You may enter your apartment by entering your access code on the pin pad right beside the main door. You open the main door and your apartment’s door all together. Always use this code when you want to enter your apartment. 

How can I lock my door?

You may alarm and lock your apartment by touching for 5 seconds the center of the Main Touch Panel (light switch) right beside your apartment’s front door. (For that time when you are staying in the apartment to keep the door closed, use the manual locker on the door.)

Please check out the FAQ section below:

Apartment related problems

How can I control the lights?

You may control the lights by tapping in the middle of any Touch Panel (light switch) or you can also use the mounted iPad for controlling the lights.

How can I control the shading?

You may control the shading by touching the top left corner (for opening) or the bottom left corner (for closing) of the Touch Panel. If you want to stop it then touch it again on the bottom or top left corner. You can also use the mounted iPad for controlling the blinds.


How can I control heating/cooling?

The heating/cooling system can be controlled by the mounted iPad on the wall. Please keep in mind that between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., we have geo power outage which is only affects the heating/cooling system. In these two time periods the system doesn’t work. 

How can I control the ventilation?

You may control the ventilation on the Touch Panel by tapping the top right corner (for turning on or higher level) or bottom right corner (for turning off or lower level). You can also use the mounted iPad for controlling the ventilation. It has 5 levels: automatic, manual low, manual medium, manual high and manual off.


How can I switch to Sleep/Relax/Day?

You may switch between lighting modes by tapping the Touch Panel 2 times in the center.

Touch Panel (light switch) and lights are not working!

It usually happens when someone alarmed the apartment but didn’t left. In this case, the smart home recognises the presence of people and start the alarming system. Please go to the main door and enter your access code on the pin pad. If it doesn’t work, contact one of our colleagues. 

How to use the cooker hood?

In order to use the cooker hood pull it towards yourself. To increase the ventillation press the button on the front right of the device.

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How to use the hotplate?

In order to use the hot plate press the On/Off button on the left side and press ” + ” or ” — ” on the selected cooking plate to increase or decrease the tempeterature.

Is there Netflix?

Unfortuntely, the TV is not support Netflix. However you can mirror your device to the TV or connect it with a HDMI cable.

What is the Wi-Fi code?

You may find the Wi-Fi code in the email we sent to your mailbox before.

How to use the coffee machine?

Please watch the video:

How to use the milk frother?

Please watch the video:


How to use the dyer?

Tap on the on/off button to switch on the dryer. Select the program you want to use. Tap on the play button. At the end of the drying program, please don’t forget to empty the lint filter. Thanks in advance!