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Step by step description with photos and videos about how to get to your apartment

How does your apartment work?

If you can’t find something or can’t figure out how is it working

What to see in Budapest?

Places we recommend near your apartment


What is the Wi-Fi password?

Name: Tapi
Code: Tapi0000

Where is my access code?

You may find your access code in the email you received after filling out the Guest Registration form.

Where are my keys?

You will find your keys right next to the apartment’s entrance, in the key safe. Your access code will open the key safe. At check-out time, please place the apartment’s key back in the key safe. Thanks in advance!

Where is the Guest registration form?
You have received the Guest registration form previously. Please check your mailbox where you have booked your apartment.
When will I receive my access codes?

You will receive your Access codes after you have filled the Guest registration form.

General information


You can park on the street a few steps away (30 m) from the apartment (see the picture below). Upon your arrival, you can stop in front of the apartment’s entrance for a few minutes to pack your belongings into the apartment.


Check-in - Check out
Check-in time: from 3 p.m.

Check-out time: until 10 a.m.

We have self-check-in and check-out. We send out every important information related to your arrival before check-in.

Early check-in - Late check out
Can be granted upon availability. Please contact us to request an option. 3000 HUF/every started hour.
Extra Linen rental

 We provide every guest bed linens and towels. If you need extra, please let us know. Every extra piece is 1000 HUF

Extra cleaning
Your booking already contains the final cleaning. If you would like to have extra cleaning during your stay, you can order it for 12 500 HUF. (It contains the changing of the linens as well.)
Baby cot, high chair
We can provide it free of charge. Please request it when you book the apartment or at least 3 days before arrival.

How to get to your apartment


Here you will find the link for Google Maps. Click on the button and you will be able to set up your navigation afterward. The exact address is

Hohen-Wittlinger-Str. 2

72574 Bad Urach


When you arrive at Bad Urach, Wittlingen

Find our rustic bavarian house

Opening the Key Safe

You will find a key safe on the left of the main door. Here you should enter your entry code (find it in your confirmation message). Open the key safe and get the key to the entrance door.

Getting into your apartment

Open the door with the key and enjoy your stay! 🙂


You have successfully gotten into your apartment. Have a great time in Bad Urach!

How does your apartment work?

How can I turn off the lights for night?

If you turn off the lights with one click, our system will turn on the lights automatically for a movement after 2 hours. To avoid that during the time when you sleep, please tap the touchpad 3 times to turn on sleeping mode. This way, the lights won’t turn on for any movement. To turn off sleeping mode, please tap the touchpad 3 times.

How do I turn on and off the Lights?

You may turn on the lights by tapping any Touch Panel.

Please check out the FAQ section below:

How can I turn on/off the lights?

You may turn on the lights by tapping the middle of any Touch Panel. By tapping the Touch Panel, you can choose from different lighting moods like Maximum, Day or Relax. To turn off the lights, tap twice on the Touch Panel.

How can I lock the door?

Please watch the video below. At check-out, please place the apartment’s key back in the key safe. Thanks in advance!


What is Sleep mode?

You may switch to Sleep mode by quickly tapping 3 times on the middle of the Touch Panel. In this mode, the system switches off every light but if you go somewhere (e.g. to the bathroom at night), it automatically switches on the dimmer lights to protect your eyes and the others who are sleeping. 

How to use the hotplate?

In order to use the hot plate press the On/Off button on the left side and press ” + ” or ” — ” on the selected cooking plate to increase or decrease the tempeterature.

Is there Netflix?

Yes! If you would like to use Netflix, please login with your account and please don’t forget to log out when you check out from the apartment. 

How to use the coffee machine?

We provide coffee capsules compatible with the coffee machine. If you would like to buy more, please buy ‘Nespresso compatible’ capsules. You can find them in every shop in Hungary. 

How to use the dishwasher?


  1. You can find dishwasher pods in the kitchen drawer, next to the cutleries.
  2. Load the top and bottom racks of the dishwasher. Ensure that you get clean dishes every time by scraping any extra food off the plates before loading and evenly spacing dishes with the dirty side angled down toward the water jets.
  3. Load the dishwasher pod as you can see in the video.
  4. Switch on the machine with the on/off button.
  5. Select a wash cycle. We recommend using the default one.
  6. Close the dishwasher’s door, it will automatically start the program.